About us

Pikku Nepal Restaurant was established in January 2005 and the beginning of the seats were only 20. Bringing the rich taste and hospitality of Nepalese Himalayas to the touch from a distance up to its popularity grew, and in 2007 we expanded our dining place for 50 persons From December 2007 we started to provide Nepalese Kathmandu, beer, and soon january 2008, we became a beer in Kathmandu. .

Pikku Nepal offers you the genuine Nepalese tastes. Enjoy a delicious Nepalese lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meals are prepared by the Nepalese chef and waiters to serve the Nepalese. You can enjoy the best of Nepalese food, served by the Nepalese, Nepalese way. You can easily feel the käyneesi in Nepal! Enjoy dining restaurant in an authentic Nepalese atmosphere. We can also choose to organize food take-awayna to take away.

Restaurant Specialities
We have brought together the Nepalese cooks and waiters with a piece of Finland in Nepal. We serve Finland’s best tandoori and curry dishes. Our menu includes lamb, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes. In a typical Nepalese kitchen usage, we do not serve beef or pork.

I give to my address Street 29, just 100 meters from the heart of Helsinki located in the Kamppi shopping center in Little Nepal Restaurant is the perfect place to pamper makunystyröittesi ..

About Restaurant Owner

Binas Timsina
Binas Timsina was born Tehrathumissa, eastern Nepal, in the danger zone in 1978. he moved to Finland in 1998 to study in the hotel and catering industry and worked for many Nepalese and Finnish restaurant workers. Putting together years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry views, he opened his own restaurant, Little Nepal in 2005. The best and the most unique of Little Nepal is the fact that Binas Timsina brought with it a piece of Finland in Nepal.