Mansahari Bhojan

Meat menu 1
  1. Price for one person 34,95 € 
  2. Following persons 33,95 €
  1. chau chau ras Lamb noodle soup, medium spiced.
Main courses
  1. Palak paneer Cottage cheese in spinach ginger sauce.
  2. Sekeko kukhuro Tandoor marinated chicken, tikka
  3. Khursani machha Pike perch, capsicum, ginger and garlic in chili sauce, hot spiced.
  1. Buteko Shyau
  • Palak paneer Apple spiced with honey and flambéed with rum and ice cream.
  • Meat menu 2
    1. Price for one person 39,95 €
    2. Following persons 35,95 €
    1. jinge machha ras Shrimps soup
    Main courses
    1. Malai kofta Cottage cheese, vegetable balls and cashew nuts in cream sauce.
    2. Sekeko kukhuro masala Tandoori marinated chicken tikka masala, hot spiced.
    3. Dahi bhendo Lamb, ginger and garlic and yoghurt in coriander sauce, medium hot.
    1. Kera tareko A banana split spiced with honey and flambé with rum and vanilla ice cream.
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