Special Combos

Special combos include one hot spiced and one mild dish.

  1. (1) kukhuro masala & badami bhendo 23,40 €
    Tandoori marinated chicken tikka masala,  hot spiced. Lamb, almonds, cashew nut, cottage cheese in coconut milk sauce.
  2. (2) kukhuro korma & bhendo masala 21,95 € 
    Chicken in tomato cream sauce. Lamb in masala sauce, hot spiced.
  3. (3) Sekeko kukhuro & Morangi jhinge machha  22,95 €
    Boneless chicken tikka marinaded in yoghurt. Shrimps, mustard seed, fresh ginger and mint, tomato and green chili, medium spiced.
  4. (4) Dahi bhendo & mismas tarkari  21,95 €
    Lamb, ginger and garlic in yoghurt coriander sauce, medium hot. and mixed vegetable curry.
  5. (5) Morangi kukhuro & palak paneer 23,95 €
    Diced filet of chicken, fried mustard seeds, ginger, garlic in tomato cream sauce. Cottage cheese in spinach ginger sauce.
  6. (6) Shahi paneer & bhendo bhuteko 22,95 € 
    Cottage cheese and cashew nuts in tomato cream sauce. Lamb, capsicum, ginger and garlic in curry sauce, medium hot.
  7. (7) Alu govi & malai kofta  18,95 €
    Potatoes, cauliflower, onion, ginger, tomato and fried cummin seeds, medium spiced. Cottage cheese, vegetable balls and cashew nuts cream sauce.
  8. (8) Dal bhat tarkari  17,95 €
    Lentil stew and vegetable curry.

Special menues will be served in bowls, basmati rice and naan bread are included in the price. Not for take away.