1. 1. TOFU SAAG (Vegan) M, G10,00 € Tofu in spinach ginger sauce, Medium spiced
  2. 2. SHAHI PANEER G10,00 € Cottage cheese and cashew nuts in tomato cream sauce.
  3. 3. KHUKHURO BIRAT G10,00 € Tandoori chicken, tomato, onion, capsicum, ginger and green chili, hot spiced
  4. 4. DAHI BHENDO G10,00 € Lamb, ginger and garlic in yoghurt coriander sauce.
  5. 5. MACHHA SEKEKO G 10,00 € Herb marinated salmon, fresh capsicum and onion.
  6. 6. PIKKU NEPAL SPECIAL 12,90 € Two items from above on same plate (not valid on take aways).
  7. 7. SINKE KEBAB G 14,90 € Pieces of tandoori fried lamb meat skewers, onion and capsicum in masala sauce. medium spiced.
  8. 8. CHEF SPECIAL G 19,90 € Tandoori mix with chicken, llet of lamb, lamb skewer, king prawns, onion and capsicum.
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